Internet Of Things IOT

The Internet is growing and its influence continues to invade new areas. More than 15 billion "things" have already been digitally networked on the internet. That is just the beginning of the Internet of Things (IoT). The potential number of networkable objects has been estimated at 1.5 trillion.

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t some futuristic technology trend, it’s the first step to becoming a truly digital business. This includes computers, tablets and smartphones but also wearables, entertainment electronics, domestic appliances, vehicles and industrial machinery. And even the Internet of Things itself is only an intermediate stage: In the future, data, people, machines and processes will be linked in the Internet of Everything.

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IT and Business Consulting

SmartDigiTech sells no products and services out of the box, but we work together with you to find out which solution is best for your individual situation. You and your company are unique. SmartDigiTech goes with every step.

SmartDigiTech consultants plan and implement IT strategies, put standardization projects into practice, and surf on the cutting edge of high-security applications. We advise you personally and comprehensively, so that you can get an accurate picture of all possible options and make an informed decision.

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When a business moves its processes towards mobility, collaboration or the cloud, going without IT security is impossible. Security needs stable strategy. A security concept is not only a challenge – it's also an opportunity.

Many decision-makers underestimate the possible damage of a cyber attack. Without IT security companies soon run into existential problems. Hundreds of thousands of new viruses, worms and Trojans are created every day. The experts at SmartDigiTech know that the attackers are becoming increasingly professional and their methods increasingly sophisticated..

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Public administration and government services should be citizen-friendly and service-oriented and still be cost effective. IT and communications technologies are a driving force behind change processes and help public administrations harmonize their processes and communications.

SmartDigiTech consultants, with their full-scale consulting and integration expertise, will assist public administrations with the strategic and technical implementation of the tasks they carry out on their way to becoming truly digital administration organisations. We support public administrations through all the phases of the value adding chain - from the initial consultation stage right through to operations - with the aid of standardised and scalable solutions. The spectrum of services we deliver covers everything from concept design and the introduction of internet and intranet solutions to collaboration and knowledge management, the optimization of administration procedures and the development and integration of department specific procedures.

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